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Cecilia Reading Poems by W.R.Flint

Cecilia had a problem in coming to a decision. Of course, everyone had always assumed that Sebastian was the one she wanted, and it is true, she has had a massive crush on him for years, but when he returned from university with his new friend Justin, Cecilia felt like a little girl in a sweet shop and didn't know who to choose. They had all planned to go clubbing and Cecilia gave everyone a pill. She thought that the boy she felt most loved up with would be her choice. Silly girl. Sebastian and Justin were snogging each others faces off all night at the club, all the way home and were still at when it was time for the Ovaltine. Cecilia took positive action, undressed to serve the hot drinks and digestive biscuits wearing nothing but Chanel 5. Sebastian knew how to please a girl, that was for sure, but Justin seemed a bit clueless until he remembered what his Latin master had always said: "if in doubt stick it up the bum". And that's how Cecilia was shagged senseless.


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