Submission Guidelines

I’m sure you’re expecting the usual blah blah about do it this way, don’t do that, well in this case just don’t. Look sweeties, if you think I’m going to spend all day sitting in a dull office reading whingey whiney poetry about some dead pot plant, you are so sad. I’ve access to the magazine’s funds, sweeties, there’s a pub around the corner and a wine bar across the street. The submission guidelines are quite simple even for poets to follow. No submissions - just don’t bother. I wouldn’t read them anyway so it would be a total waste of time. Talking of time, the pub’s open so I’m off to edit some gin and tonics.

However, if you are looking to submit to the Clueless Collective's Collected Press (CCCPress) then you will need to visit that website and submit via the Submission Guidelines page.

Cath Attar

Hoodie with Torch

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