As you may have already read we’ve shuffled the pack a bit and I’m the new editor with Cath becoming editor-in-chief for the whole Collective, as well as being head cheese for the forth coming Spudgun Magazine. I’m excited. I’ve started by building a strong team spirit, which is mostly caked based, so perhaps Mother has become an unofficial Collective member. Not too sure how she might respond to that idea so may be it’s best that’s not actually mentioned. The Co-Op is one thing, but to become a comrade to a collective of poets could prove to be a left turn in Bohemia too far.

Well let’s get down to what’s been happening. This, I believe, is the correct way to introduce the publication of Issue #8 of the Clueless Collective’s Magazine of Poetica. There’s all the usual bunch of scribblings that pass as poetry in these parts from the usual scribblers, there’s an edition of my news roundup in which a famous poet fails to show up, and Dick and Tom are off doing something disgusting … probably.

This Issue also sees the release of a brand new eChapbook, free to download via the chapbook page, from iDrew titled : iWrite (RIGHT!). It’s a collection of mostly previously unpublished work, a lot of which had been written early in her career when she was still very playful and fluffy before she became a word slut (she told me to say that phrase). Anyway why not have a look for yourselves. I found it to be full of the humour that betrays her as the minx we all know her to be with an adorable cuteness that’s not exactly all innocence. In short, Drew being Drew, and on the page as she is in life; irresistible.

One final bit before I sign off, Dick and Tom have asked me to mention their new website Dick and Tom’s Blog from the Bog and have announced a formal invitation to ‘check it out’, and then to get your cameras out and get snapping, or write an ode to excrement or something utterly revolting. I’m not too sure. I’m just not going there. Again.

Ben Nitt



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