A Top Secret Affair

Above the table
they were swan like, haughty
in their uninterested demeanour
but she had slipped off her shoe, and her
inquisitive stockinged foot advanced.
between his legs as she sighed
in morse.
Their first behind the lies engagement.

After the main course
the dessert campaign begins with
a silence, perforated by sips of wine,
fidgety adjustment of a silver necklace
and of a polyester tie
becoming a hand-ironing of the tablecloth.
Their first inter-course.

After a drink of Dutch courage,
they loitered in the hotel lobby to sign
the register: false names, trying,
ever so hard, to look casual
in an awkward un-classified quiet.
But they were all fingers and thumbs.
Anticipation of
their first undercover assignment.


©2008 P.A.Levy
First published by Pyrokinection 2009 (magazine closed)