i had to go to bereavement
‘cos these last few days
i’ve cried so much
i’ve not been able
to concentrate on anything or
eat i've not put on any slap 
can't even be bothered to get
out of bed

this has to be the worst
i’ve ever felt
(didn’t even feel this bad
when i was dumped by jason)
i’m so totally gutted
at this devastating loss
and I know it's such a cliché that you
don’t know what you’ve got
‘till it’s gone
well it's truly gone
only to be replaced with

i’d give anything
just to get my precious little
smooth slender touch me
iPhone back 'cos
my fingers and thumbs ache
with idleness
and just how am i expected to survive
without an app to tell me i’m alive



©2011 iDrew
First published by Boy Slut 2013