i was so destroyed
you flew back to the states
and just left a letter
saying we were thru
i thought through
anyway we were so over
seemed little point
in being pedantic
except i miss what you did
with words
it used to make me laugh
and at times
you were like a little lost child
by an excess of vowels
so cute
i miss that
and that poem we read
about zed and zee
i laughed so hard
i was paralysed (note the s)
but now i can’t order fries
or bring myself
to think of fanny bags
without crying
and growing in the corner
there’s a kleenex
mount rushmore
with mascara stained
‘cos i’ve tried i’ve really tried
but i just can’t
adjust my behaviour
to be without u

©2008 iDrew
First published 2008 by The Gut