As you’ve no doubt already seen, there’s been changes. I’m not particularly keen on changes and I’ll tell yer why darhlings. Well it all started with that snotty cow Charlotte coughing up this little fur ball at a meeting: “and what is it exactly that you do, Cath?” Which kicked off a massive discussion with everyone volunteering extra little jobs for yours truly to do. Well I kept calm. Yes darhlings, as unbelievable as it sounds I did keep calm and just explained that I would love to put more into our little project but sadly I’ve only a small window, and I was being trendy with my vocab here as my apartment has large picture windows, so the limited time I have available clashes with my drinking time. Well, I won’t bore you with the details sweeties, you don’t really want to be reading this rubbish when there’s plenty of good stuff to read, and that hurt me to say that it really did, anyway the long and short of it is stick two large gins in there please mate the long and short of it is that I’ve got to do an editorial. Jeez, it’s like being in school: can’t go to the pub until you’ve finished yer homework, can’t drink vodka in the playground, can’t distil spirits in the school labs, and what is an editorial anyway? Answers on a postcard addressed to … no that won’t really help. I’ll just write a few lines about what’s been happening, which I think I’ve already done, and a few lines about all the exciting things happening in the new issue, if I can summon the enthusiasm, and so as not to let something like a bit of stupid writing get in the way of a few gins I decided to grab the laptop and sit in the pub. So, just a few lines. Here goes. Wish me luck darhlings. Maybe a bit of Dutch courage: same again please mate. OK here goes. Welcome to issue #4 with its new minty fresh look and we’ve fiddled about a bit, no not like that, we’re not that sort of magazine, sadly, but there’s a few changes. What hasn’t changed is the excellent writing mainly from Drew and the cripple geezer, can’t remember his name, he’s got wheels … anyway Terry’s provided another ‘sparE pArt’ the magazine within a magazine, and Dick and Tom - god help me - almost drown but unfortunately live to tell the tale. And that’s about it . Hope you approve of the new look - tough titty if you don’t. Back to some gin tasting for me. It’s research darhlings. It’s research! These editorials are a doddle.

I fucking hate poets.

See yer all next year sweeties.
x Cath


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