The Undertaker’s Lament

i like to do it with my elevenses
                                    i like to do it with my afternoon tea
                                                                                                and a digestive biscuit
                        mostly i like to do it
                                                late at night
                                                                                    in the moon light
            when the bats are flying past my window
            when the owl is calling out
                                                making owl type sounds
                                                            best of all
i like to do it in winter
            when a wind is howling
            when the trees’ bare branches
                                                are scratching at my window
                                                            to come inside
                                                and warm the shivers                          from their timbers
i like to do it then
                                    tuck the dead into their bed
                                                                                    into their coffin for their final sleep
                                                                        may they all rest in peace

                                                but i don’t get paid enough
                                    to keep my family in the fashion they deserve
                                                the dying trade is  …           well dying
                                    now cremation is all the verve

            so i take photographs
                        of their genitals
                                    and sell them to
                                                            who seem very grateful
                                    and sometimes … with the good looking ones
                                                pose them in certain positions


                                                                                    dead porn
                                                            is a lucrative business

                                    live fast            die young        be a beautiful corpse



©2010 Charlotte De'Ath
First published 2011 by Circus of the Damned (magazine closed)