Hello dahlings, what's been your thoughts? I've had some real mucky thoughts, it's been wonderful dahlings. Positively wicked in every sense of the word. I've also had some less than delightful thoughts, boring kind of thoughts like, you know, there's some old stuff and nonsense about people who fancy each other or fall in love with each other, that can become abusive and nasty to each other rather than admit their yawn yawn feelings. Well we've not been thinking about what have you miserable wank bunch of arsed brained fuck faces have been up to. And we mean that 'cos we love you. We've been busy.

The 'Clueless Collective's Collected Press' has been set up for all our fans (both of them), everyone we owe money to, anyone loitering around streets corners, anyone that's ever written dirty words in public places, or has sent their boss a formal invitation to a transvestite tea party with Auntie John. We want to find out what you lot are about. And we're on a quest for oddness. We wanna score a wrap of oddity, or two if it's good shit (talking all nineteen seventies). Details and guidelines are being set up over at CCCPress.net with submissions opening on May 21st., and a launch date of around late 2011 - early 2012.

Told yer we've been busy, even I've been busy emptying bottles, glass by glass, and we've still managed a brand shiny new little gathering, as always, and stuffed it full of all the best bollocks known to daredevil gay moped riding hamsters. Aren't we just fucking brilliant! Superfuckingheroes. Nah! bugger that dahlings: Gods. We are Gods. Well I certainly am. You lot ain't, you're a miserable bunch of toss splurges with gonad features like hairy sweaty warts, but you know we're only saying that 'cos we love yer. Bastards: this may be turning into meaningful love. Fuckers: or may be even true love. Gonad featured fuck bastards: how much do we love thee! We are in such a swoon.

In the beginning there was the word …


x Cath



Lie Down Spasticus -1- P.A.Levy
iCunt -2- iDrew
Twenty One Lines From A Public Toilet -3- Dick and Tom
Red Sky -4- P.A.Levy
Tunnel Vision -5-

Terry Wrist (special guests, Banksy rats)

iBrooke -6- iDrew
The Garret Bistro -7- P.A.Levy

Trapped in Kathy Acker's Blood and Guts

-8- P.A.Levy
iSpunked -9- iDrew
Bank Job -10- P.A.Levy