Well things are a-foot and I’m not talking shoes. The powers that be have decided to dump the faff and concentrate on the poetry, well Paul and Drew decided and who is going to benefit most from this … oh yes, you’ve guessed it; Paul and Drew and maybe a little bit of Charlotte when she’s not too busy popping out babies. As a result I’m off back to mother, don’t like it down in the South anyway as they don’t do proper Yorkshire puddings, they talk funny, and the bubbles are too tiny in the fizzy pop. No wonder all the ferrets have left the south, I’m not surprised. So this means that I’m out of a job as are the others although Dick and Tom have their blog at the Blog From The Bog For all your revolting toilet inspired poetry.

I’ll give it two issues before we return to normal – whatever normal is.




Crucifuxed But Hanging On -1- P.A.Levy
The Time of Your Life -2- P.A.Levy
iCrush-Crash -3- iDrew
No Fresh Cut Flowers on Cow Parsley Corner -4- P.A.Levy
iLearnt -5- iDrew
Hourglass (sand running out) -6- P.A.Levy
iDetective -7- iDrew
Aldeburgh Beach (a walk) -8- P.A.Levy
iChoose -9- iDrew
Stickmen -10- P.A.Levy