Wellwellwell, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, groovy jazz cats and slutty bitch dogs, slugs, and poets, here we are again. Issue number six please. And what have we got in store for you?

Mmm, you know that old saying about if you can't think of anything good to say about someone/something don't say anything at all …


… apparently I have to say something. It's contractual. It's bollocks that's what it is. OK, so following the successful release of Charlotte's chapbook she's in the spotlight this issue. Prefer it if she was in the deep fat fryer, battered, but no she has a fate worse than that. An interview with Tom and Dick. That'll serve her right for getting all hoity-toity about I've got a book out, I'm all pretty and wonderful. Ha! Wait 'till them two get hold of her. Ben has got a newspaper together to bring you all up to date with all the latest poetry news. Could have done that on the back of a postage stamp but he's padded it out a bit. And then there's the others, but we don't like to talk about them. So I won't.

We haven't forgotten about our 'special issue' but with most of this rabble off doing their 'own thing' like far-out hippies, and well, with life sticking it's oar in, it's all a bit too much for yours truly to do all my lonesome, so I fucked off down the pub when I should have been drawing up plans and stuff. It will happen, we've just got to get ourselves organised and co-ordinated, possibly the two things we really aren't any good at. OK, there's more than those two things we aren't any good but there's no need to rub it in, this is our gig after all. So for now, get drunk-fall over-be sick-read, get drunk-fall over-be sick-read, get drunk-fall over-be sick-read, get drunk-fall over-be sick-read, and smile.

'Till the next time sweeties. Six glorious long months away.

x Cath



Nitt's News -1- Benn Nitt
One Day Her Prince will Come -2- Charlotte DeAth
Dick & Tom Interview - Charlotte DeAth -3- Dick and Tom
fivefuckingfuckoffrings -4- P.A.Levy
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Terry Wrist

Evening Gloves and Lipstick -6- Charlotte DeAth
iMessy -7- iDrew

Superman Can't Get
O-O-O-O-Over Her

-8- P.A.Levy
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Joy Will Set You Free -10- P.A.Levy