Well this is just like them old days. Ben’s on his holibobs, somewhere cheap and gaudy with sticky buns no doubt, so I’ve been asked to sit back into my old seat and give the sermon … I mean editorial, like I used to when I was younger, back in the good old days when I was just on my second liver. I tried to avoid it, I really did. Even tried disguising myself as a fruit machine in the pub but Mankie, that bastard cat, gave me away ‘cos, apparently I smell of fish. So back in time we go like Doctor Who or What or even Doctor Why. Well what’s happening in the world of these poetry type wankers then? Well we’ve let Dick and Tom loose to take over Ben’s news page as well as their investigation into abusive language: its effect and purpose in the modern age. Nah! only joking. They talk a load of bollocks about fuck all as usual. Then there’s the poets, and the less said about them the better … so that’s me done then. Back to the pub.




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LEtter Home to Parenthesis -6- P.A.Levy
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