It’s that time again, and I suppose I should write something to tell you all about what we’ve been up to, and what we’ve been doing, but hey, I know, and you know, no one gives a toss. Unfortunately it’s my job to write something, and as Mother would say; “if you work hard enough at something it will eventually drive you insane.” Personally I can’t wait to be a nutjob ‘cos then not only will I not have a clue about what’s going on, I won’t care. The simple life. When I’m mad I want to be a goat. Talking of slightly unhinged people, Cath celebrated National Humpty Dumpty Day by falling off of a wall. She phoned all the King’s horses, but they all replied; “neigh”, she phoned all the King’s men, but there seems to be some level of malcontent concerning genital warts, eventually she phoned our office and we managed to put her back together with sticky-back plastic and superglue. As Charlotte is busy doing family stuff it’s Paul and Drew that dominate the pages of this issue although our very own cartoon super wankers are doing a grand job investigating. Don’t know what they’re investigating, but it’s doomed what ever it is. And that is that. There, I’ve written something, now I can tell Mother to smoke me kipper as I’ll be home for tea. Hooray.

Ben Nitt



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