Mother and I were sitting in the parlour sipping Earl Grey and listening to a play on the radio when the phone rang. Mother answered and I could tell by her tone that she was a bit put out by something, when she came back into the parlour she said; “It’s them pesky poets from London wanting to talk to you. I don’t want them coming here they smell of damp wool except that skinny little blonde trollop that stinks like a first world war French brothel.” I’ve no idea how she knew what a first world war French brothel actually smelt like, and to be honest I didn’t want to know. Anyway I had a conversation with Paul who explained that they wanted to pull all the stops out for the up and coming twentieth issue. I had my doubts mainly because I would miss market day at the local town where I had a second hand button stall. To counter my deliberation he handed the telephone to Drew, the stinky trollop, who begged and pleaded in her sweet little Essex voice explaining that there are plenty of vintage markets in London where I could maybe sell some buttons for, as she put it, mega-mega bucks. I considered it at least worth investigating, and besides winter in Yorkshire is grim and cold and wet. A bit like summer only with leaves on the trees. We all met up in the pub we used to frequent, drunk ale or vodka and bounced a few ideas around getting nowhere really, but at least we were getting nowhere with a slur then Charlotte said that for our tenth issue we took a look back and selected ours and yours favourites. So this is what we’ve done for issues 11-19 with a bunch of new ones as well and may there be at least another twenty more. I didn’t sell any buttons but I was sick in the gutter outside the pub.



Issue 11 -1-

P.A.Levy – Meltdown
P.A.Levy – Letter Home to Parenthesis
iDrew – iSavaged
iDrew – iAngel
Charlotte De’Ath – Dead Red Roses

Issue 12 -2- P.A.Levy – Gateways and Colourways
iDrew – iSilverstein
iDrew – iPlath
iDrew – iAudrey
Issue 13 -3- P.A.Levy – I Don’t Love You No More (lie)
P.A.Levy – Two Timing Mouse
P.A.Levy – Caught By The Short and Curlys
iDrew – iSiren
iDrew – iDetective
Issue 14 -4- P.A.Levy – Bedtime for Revolution
P.A.Levy – Fondling Your breasts in Roman Britain
P.A.Levy – Polly’s Train of Thought
iDrew – iAmbient
iDrew – iAnger

Issue 15

-5- P.A.Levy - <error=terminal>
P.A.Levy – Canal Country
P.A.Levy – An Answer Message on Sick Leave
iDrew – iE-less
iDrew – iCharity
Charlotte De’Ath – The Ophelia Syndrome

Issue 16

-6- P.A.Levy – Weekend Raver
P.A.Levy – Monster
iDrew – iOphelia
iDrew – iPurrrrr
Charlotte De’Ath – Shattered
Issue 17 -7- P.A.Levy – Hourglass (sand running out)
P.A.Levy – Stickmen
P.A.Levy – The Time of Your Life
P.A.Levy – Crucifuxed But Hanging On
iDrew – iCrush - Crash
iDrew – iChoose
Issue 18 -8- P.A.Levy – Checkout Girl Superstar
P.A.Levy – The Shoreline Pioneer of Washed-Up Beaches
P.A.Levy - Veronica
P.A.Levy – Count On Me To Count On You: AbacUs
iDrew – iBennet
iDrew - iBag
iDrew – iLoss
Issue 19 -9- P.A.Levy – BaRking NatiVity
P.A.Levy – Playing Dead
P.A.Levy – Split in Two (or three)
iDrew – iScarf
iDrew – iRhyme
Charlotte De’Ath – The Undertaker’s Lament
Issue 20 -10- P.A.Levy – Heroin Moon
P.A.Levy - In Gob We Trusted
P.A.Levy - Jericho Men
iDrew – iBlonde
iDrew - iHoliday
iDrew - iSocks
Charlotte De’Ath - Still Love
Charlotte De’Ath – I Died Again