Bedtime For Revolution

i was in the dirt of darkness when we first met
and you spoke to me in a secret voice
about revolution
we primed super nova bombs
thinking everything would change

by bringing down the laws of gravity
to an altered state
and against all the known and practiced
theories of nature and physics
people might even smile on tube trains

you showed me the glow
the light you stole from the colour spectrum
for the word on your lips was sedition
but my lip reading is so dyslexic
and a sheen from your gloss blurred my vision
a confusion arose between i and u
i read it as seduction

we got as far as the kissing
when there was nuclear fission
in your knickers
as comrades in each other’s arms
we postponed the revolution


©2009 P.A.Levy
First published by Stream Press 2011 (mag now closed)


Fondling Your Breasts In Roman Britain

Leaving the museum, the one we frequently
met in at lunchtimes, I stepped out
from the marbled entrance
onto a carousel of umbrellas, a waltz of mini spires
Constantinople domes holding
up a dull city sky.

Splash! and a ripple,
and a ripple raced to the edge, puddled against
a background streaked by smudges
of red buses as black cabs drizzle
through streams of traffic; a-swirl of street sounds
mixed with the anxious fear of leaves left to shiver
as they succumb to the cull of Autumn.
This our season;

recalling diary pages
coded with our assignations, as trees unclothed
so truths falsely told; seduction
and sandwiches (egg and cress)
touching warm flesh under October clothing,
undoing buttons with fingers numb
and Anglo Saxon kisses buried deep inside
glass case coffins.

From the pavement
I glanced back
at memory,
standing on the marble steps
like the recently bereaved,
calculating the value of broken things.


©2007 P.A.Levy
First Published by Inclement 2012 (mag now closed)


Polly’s Train of Thought

Polly’s thoughts run like a night train thriller,
it’s the time that drives her crazy.
Time spent on wasted kisses
time spent on unfulfilled wishes.
A bottle of wine but only one glass,
the mirror laughs; “I told you so”.

So pride comes before a fall.
Polly’s been pushed through glass
she’s shattered
as if those days never mattered.
Crashlanded. Smashed to pieces.
All the king’s horses away at the races.
Bin bags stuffed with dead flowers

and photographs of hollow laughter,
for ever-after seemed to last
no time at all. Another shift
behind drawn curtains wondering when happiness
upped and vanished: it’s escaped
and on the run down the mascara trail.

True what she heard, alone in the dark,
whispers full of talk talk talk.
Malicious gossip
about her miscarried marriage
and how the wheels
came off that precious carriage,
splintered to thousands of fragments;

she’s fractured. Broken promises
can’t be mended with Prozac glue.
Couplet fatigue; there’s cracks on the track.
Scratch. The songs of romance have failed.
But she’s in another world;
silent heart ache.
Poor Polly: terminally derailed.


©2007 P.A.Levy
First published by Aireings 2009 (mag now closed)



last night
i fell in love
with the aphex twin
and i felt the full emotion
of bleeps
and little squiggle noises

as a chord
i collected all the passion laced
expired breaths
for the dream archive
in the cupboard
of special shiny things
a pressed dead daisy chain
a button
a kinder toy
old cinema tickets
the kiss i always wanted
from before we met)

last night i fell in love with
as you moved inside me
exquisitely slow
to goosebump my

when we
laid down
with the aphex


©2008 iDrew
First published by iDrew first published Sparkbright 2010 (mag now closed)



you and me
pissed on wine

you and me
ripping threads

you and me
on the sofa

you and me
tunes and weed

you quick exit
said we’re over
said i was too


u limp worm maggot
u were the worst shag
like ever


©2013 iDrew
First published by Boy Slut 2013