An English Kid’s Domain Is His Bouncy Castle

now they both lay back
catching machine gun fire breaths

she lays there feeling wounded
shot with guilt about
the creases in her party dress
and the chocolate stain
she prays will wash off
as she considers
how all this happened

there seemed such a short space of time
between kicking off their shoes
and the carefree abandon with which
all that bouncing began
legs sprawled
crashing into walls with such
wild excitement

such a quick explosion of energy
but now
giggles fallen silent
squeals of glee prostrate
with them

the flash of her knickers
and feel of her skin against his
as he landed on top of her
meant nothing to him

he thinks another glass of coke
then he’s ready to go again but
she starts to cry
for the pink plastic locket broken
and lost



©2011 Charlotte De’Ath
First published 2017 by Writing In A Woman’s Voice