when you say things
like i’ve a nice pair
peachy bum cherry lips
how you so enjoy the raspberry
pinkness of my nipples
and that i’m well a juicy lucy
well listen up
i’m not one of your five a day

don’t treat me as if
i’m a government recommendation
‘cos boy you’re so in a jam
and how dare you say
you’ve a tart addiction (bloody cheek)
this is nothing to do with healthy options
for your heart
it’s purely for the benefit
of bragging rights to yer mates

so this is where i put you in a stew
should i tell them all you’re a
a couch potato with mashed
swede or pureed turnip
for a brain
the i-q of over-boiled cabbage
should i tell them all about your withered
peas and little baby gherkin

it’s time you got
your just desserts
i’m not your fruit salad
and now
we’re out of season



©2011 iDrew
First published 2012 by Poetry Bus